A good friend, Richard,  who is a real history buff and a “man for all seasons” has just told me to read a book called “Attack or Die” by Grady McWhinney. He also recommends “Outliers”  by Malcolm Gladwell. He says that both books speak to the influence of Celtic culture on the American South.

McWhinney, who taught at the Univ. of Alabama and LSU calls the War the Last Great Celtic Rebellion and likens Pickett’s Charge to the charge by the clans a century earlier at Culloden.

And speaking of Pickett’s Charge, Richard  quotes Faulkner who has said “for every southern boy (and girl I might add) it will always be 3:00 pm  on July 3, 1863 just before Pickett’s charge, and the Past is not over, in fact the past is not past”.

Personally, in my mind sometimes I am still “living at Tara” and going to a barbecue at “Twelve Oaks” – what about you?