It is so interesting to me that all the articles in the President’s bedroom in the First White House actually belonged to President Davis. They were given to the White House Association by Mrs. Davis after his death. She asked us to place the items according to a diagram she had drawn.

The “button” bed was made especially for him as he was very tall for a man of that day and time. It measures 6’3″ x 5’8″. On the right of the bed is his night table with Bible and water bottle. And in the center of the room is a case which includes his bedroom slippers, collar box, suspenders, spittoon, valise, a case containing an umbrella and walking stick used when he was recovering from wounds he suffered in the Mexican War, and a leather hat box.

Over the mantle is the last photograph taken of Jefferson Davis before his death in 1889. His funeral was the largest the South had ever held.  He was buried temporarily in Metairie Cemetery in New Orleans but in 1893 his body was moved to Richmond for final burial in Hollywood Cemetery. I have been there and it is a very peaceful place. There is a book, Jefferson Davis: Tragic Hero (The last twenty-five years, 1864-1889) by Hudson Strode which  deals with the last years of President Davis’ life. If anyone has read it please feel free to comment on it here.