January 2012 saw 1038 visitors to the First White House, almost double January of 2011. Why the difference? Several reasons perhaps:
1. Weather this year very nice – last year weather so bad the House even closed a couple of times 
2. We are doing more advertising (Montgomery Visitor’s Guide for example)
3. Economy improving?  I hope this is a sign of that,  and not  just wishful thinking.
You may be interested, as was I, to know that in January we had 460 visitors from Alabama and 520 from other states, and remarkably according to our figures, only 3 states out of 50 were not represented.
Can you guess which ones were “no shows”? Only Colorado (everyone out there is busy skiing); Hawaii (guess the weather is good there this time of year and they want to stay home); and West Virginia (well, that’s not a very big state anyway).
 Wisconsin and Georgia  tied for sending us the most (46 each) and Florida next with 34. Right behind were California with 32 and Texas with 30. We even had 26 from Minnesota. We also had 58 from foreign countries, of which we are also very proud! Lots of hard work for our wonderful receptionists! Thank you ladies for working so hard, and Mr. Robert for keeping everything looking so nice.