We have a number of very important books in our library at the First White House of the Confederacy. Most have been donated by interested supporters. A number of them actually belonged to Jefferson Davis and those he had signed.  Several were written by Varina and of course we have the Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government which President Davis wrote after the War.

In addition we have a treasure trove of nineteenth century antiques. Sometimes we have a piece and we don’t know too much about it  but we have our wonderful appraiser, Eddie Pattillo who can always tell us the value. Also we must have a written provenance on anything before we accept it, although that was not true in the beginning.

One of our rare items is our Gunboat Quilt. Ours was made by Panthea Coleman Bullock of Green County, Alabama. A Mrs. Hatter of Greensboro offered it for raffle. It was raffled many times to raise money for a gunboat, thus making it famous as the “Gunboat Quilt”. It was presented to the White House Association by Mrs. Mary Hutchison Jones in 1928.