On Veterans Day we honor all who have served our country, but  our thoughts quite naturally turn to our brave Confederate Soldiers, so many of whom gave their lives for the cause in which they believed. 90% of them, historians tell us, did not own slaves, so that was not why they were fighting. They fought for their beloved South land.
History is written by victors; thus, the history of the War has been painted with the slavery brush, but there was so much more to it than that, states rights, tariffs, and the fact that by virtue of the U.S. Constitution, states that no longer wanted to be in the union had the right to leave.
Alas, people believe “the lie”, proving that if someone repeats something enough, others think it is fact. How unfortunate that our brave young men are no longer cherished and presented as heroes, but are often shunned and treated as villains, (and street names change). But some of us still remember, and in our hearts we are grateful to be descended from those who were willing to give all for what they believed was right.