I read recently how much cotton was worth during the Confederacy. Goodness gracious, no wonder there was a war. Do you think that most cataclysmic events have as their root greed? Think about it.
Yesterday I attended a meeting and luncheon designed to raise funds for Old Cahawba, the site of the first Capitol of Alabama. It was cotton that  put Cahawba on the map, but devastation left by the invading Yankee troops pretty much wiped out the South’s cotton crop, and with it, Cahawba, with all it’s hopes and dreams.
But the proponents of Cahawba say that it has a story to tell, one involving “rise, decline and renewal, a story worth telling and preserving.” Hats off to this great effort. It will be a noble venture. Like the First White House, Cahawba was the First Capitol. No one can ever take that away.