Are you familiar with  the poet, Allen Tate? He was one of the group at Vanderbilt University that wrote about loving the South and taking a stand for it They called themselves “The Fugitives’. He was also a contemporary of Hemingway and others in Paris in the 1920’s.
He wrote “Ode to the Confederate Dead” during the 30’s. If you love poetry and you love reading about the brave Confederate Soldiers, please take the time to google and read this poem. Here is one stanza to whet your appetite:
“Turn your eyes to the immoderate past,
Turn to the inscrutable infantry rising
Demons out of the earth they will not last.
Stonewall, Stonewall, and the sunken fields of hemp,
Shiloh, Antietam, Malvern Hill, Bull Run.
Lost in that orient of the thick and fast
You will curse the setting sun.
Cursing only the leaves crying
Like an old man in a storm…”
We don’t take the time to read much poetry anymore. We are too busy with our cell phones, our I-Pads and our computers, all the things that are supposed to save us so much time. Time to do what, I sometimes wonder?