I read an article by Hong Min Zou, called “Resurrection Morn”, from The Marks Collection, which was in our files (There are lots and lots of articles in our files at the First White House of the Confederacy. We have been collecting articles and information for a long time). 
The story tells how in November 1863, General Lee’s army moved into winter quarters on the south side of the Rapidan River and the Union army moved up to the north side. They were so close together the pickets on either side were within speaking distance.
The Confederate Chaplain faithfully preached the gospel of Christ to the soldiers of the 13th Virginia regiment. One of the soldiers received Christ as his Savior and wished to be baptized in the River, but the enemy was so close his officers feared there might be trouble.
Finally they gave consent, and the Confederates marched down to the river about 50 strong.. The enemy, seeing they had no weapons, did not fire, but seemed greatly puzzled and watched carefully. When the Confederates reached the water’s edge they began to sing that grand old hymn, “There is a Fountain filled with Blood,” and at once the enemy began to leave their works and hasten to the riverside.
Many voices in the Northern army joined in the song. Both armies were at peace as they witnessed the “death” of the old man into the resurrection of the “new man” through Jesus Christ Our Lord. What a blessing for the men of both sides to witness this new birth! “Hallelujah, What a Savior!”