All faithful blog readers know that the First White House recently acquired a beautiful silver bowl at auction that was given to Varina Davis in 1887 by the citizens of Macon, Georgia.
We have also recently been given a wonderful pair of German hand painted bisque statues given by a generous lady who lives in Birmingham but grew up in Montgomery, and who donated these in memory of her grandmother, and her great-great grandmother and her great-great-great grandmother Sophie Gilmer Bibb. Sophie Bibb lived during the War Between the States and was responsible for so much of what was done by the ladies of Alabama after the war to keep the memory of our brave soldiers alive.
The statues are 14″ high and one is of a little boy holding a puppy; the other is a little girl holding a kitten. They are so beguiling and will be placed in the nursery where they will be enjoyed by children and adults alike. We are so indebted!
The second acquisition  is a lovely sterling silver dipper, that is a companion to our silver water cooler that is in the dining room in the First White House. Both the water cooler and the dipper belonged to Captain Jesse J. Cox, popular steamboat captain on the Alabama river, before and during the War.
This generous donation has been made by the great grandson of Jesse Cox, whose grandfather was Arthur Cox, Jesse Cox’s son. Arthur Cox was born in 1860 and left the South in the later part of the nineteenth century.
It is reported that the water cooler and dipper were buried right before the Union soldiers came through and burned Captain Cox’s home to the ground. We are so pleased to have this lovely piece.
We are so pleased to have these wonderful new additions at the First White House of the Confederacy. Come and see them!!!