Two historic Bisque Figures were recently donated to the First White House of the Confederacy by a lovely Birmingham lady who is descended from Sophie Gilmer Bibb. The figures belonged to Mrs. Bibb, who was a significant leader of the Confederate Ladies of Montgomery during the Civil War.
Confederate President Jefferson Davis was a guest in the Bibb home on Molton Street in downtown Montgomery often, the last time being in 1886 when he was in Montgomery for the dedication of the Confederate Memorial Monument on the capitol grounds.
The figures are of a boy with a dog, 13″ tall and a girl with a kitten, 14″ tall. The “children” are of German origin and date about 1850-60 and would have been in place in the Bibb parlor during the War.
We plan to exhibit them in the Nursery upstairs, where they will enthrall not only little ones, but adults as well. What a wonderful addition to our Collection they are. Thanks so much to our generous donor, who gave these in memory of Sophie Bibb, her great-great-great grandmother, as well as in memory of other family members.