My friend Richard has mused that after reading Grady McWinney’s book called Attack or Die, he believes if Beauregard could have held out in SC and if the first Confederate Congress could have taken a bit more time, we might have pulled off secession without firing a shot.
But, Richard points out, us Rebels are descended from the Celts, who don’t take kindly to being told what to do!

I have just ordered McWinney’s book and can’t wait to read it. More reading and less TV for me this year!!! Resolution # ???

Richard says that Mass. and several other New England states discussed secession during the War of 1812, to which they did not send soldiers, and during the Mexican War, which they felt was a non-necessary war. So the concept of secession started much earlier and in the eastern states.

Then he says that when John C. Calhoun tried it in SC in the late 1820’s, Andrew Jackson put 20,000 troops on the NC, SC border and Calhoun “rethought” his position. To quote Richard again, “he did it under a doctrine called interposition!!! Ain’t history grand?!”

And to quote my friend again “hindsight is always 20/20”!!!