No, it wasn’t a tornado or a hurricane but it was a big, strong wind, I guess, because it took down a tremendous limb from our lovely, large, old oak tree in the side yard at the First White House!
I could hardly believe it. It landed between the Union street side of the House and the historic wrought iron fence (original to the House). The house did not have a scratch, and the fence only minimal damage.
Once again I realize, the Lord is looking after this wonderful, old house. How else could it have survived all it has gone through since 1835? It is such a treasure, and is there to teach the lessons of history and to help people enjoy the ambiance of the past, preserved in such a pleasing way. Thanks to Mrs. Napier and all who have gone before, for the great job they have done.
And thanks to the City of Montgmery, whose Tree Crew was out doing cleanup and hauling away tht huge limb at 6:00 am this morning. It was all over by “rush hour”! Aren’t we blessed to have such a wonderful work force at the City?: