Josh Moon has written an article in the August 19 edition of the Montgomery AdvertiserForrest’s legacy tarnished beyond repair“. In it he compares Forrest to WWII German Erich Von Manstein, one of Hitler’s finest and savviest generals.
Moon says: “The two had something rather important in common. They fought for the wrong side. Not the losing side, the wrong side….We don’t erect monuments of people who do the wrong thing…A memorial implies honor. And Forrest and the rest of the South had very little…”  That really makes my blood boil, does it yours?
Naturally, Moon beats the slavery drum throughout the article. Of course slavery was wrong. No thinking person could say or think or feel any other way. But it doesn’t mean that the only reason the South went to war was because of slavery., nor does it mean the North and Lincoln went to war for the noble idea to free the slaves.  Remember Lincoln did not issue the emancipation proclamation until he saw the north was in grave danger of losing. And he is on the record as saying he didn’t care whether the slaves were free or not, before the war.
People like Moon cannot be reasoned with so don’t bother with the letters to the editor. Just remember he is there to sell newspapers. He should stick to the /Sports column in my opinion.