Just a few comments about things Southern:

Most Confederates did NOT own slaves, thus they went to war, not because of slavery but to defend their home land.
Lincoln lost his best soldier when Robert E. Lee decided to fight for his beloved Virginia
Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson and Jefferson Davis were all devout Christians
The Battle Flag, much maligned today was only a battle flag (one of thousands), and never a National flag. The First National flag was the Stars & Bars.
The Rebel Yell was a fearsome thing and frightened even the bravest of the enemy.
The horrors of war ranged from boredom, to disease to death.
Bathing was a rare luxury so the stench within the tents was suffocating during inclement weather when the flaps had to be closed.
The typical day began at 5:00 am during spring and summer and 6:00 during fall and winter.
Breakfast usually consisted of biscuits, cured meat, and coffee when available.
During the day, soldiers drilled, drilled and drilled. They learned to shoot if they didn’t already know, with accuracy.
Battles were usually chaotic. The noise was deafening as cannons roared and hundreds (sometimes thousands) of soldiers fired on one another.
The smoke and noise made it difficult to rally and guide troops.
A few reckless generals liked to lead by example and were out in front. Sadly, both sides lost a great number of talented leaders as a result.
As Sherman said “War Is Hell”