On 11/15/2010  we read abut the unveiling of the Confederate Monument on the North side of the Alabama State Capitol in Montgomery. (I guess it was put on the north side so they could watch for the Yankees!)

There was a nice comment made about it on the blog site so if you missed it, be sure and go back and read

In the description of the monument, mention was made of the four military figures.You will want to hear  about the descriptions under each of the statures, I am sure, as they are very inspiring and beautiful.

Under the Cavalryman on the west face is the inscription: The knightliest of the Kinghtly Race, who since the days of old, have kept the lamp of chivalry alight in hearts of gold (by Dr. Francis O. Ticknor)

The Infantryman, on the south face: Fame’s temple boasts no higher name, no king is grander on his throne, No glory shines with brighter gleam, the name of patriot stands alone (Crawford T. Ruff)

Artilleryman, east face: When this historic shaft shall crumbling lie in ages hence, in woman’s heart will be, a folded flag, a thrilling page unrolled, a deathless song of southern chivalry. (Ina Maria Porter Ockenden)

Sailor, north face: The seaman of Confederate fame startled the wondering world: braver fight was never fought and fairer flag was never furled. (Anon)

The bronze base relief is representative of any southern battlefield. The inscription around the base of the shaft reads: Consecrated to the Memory of the Confederate Soldiers and Seamen 1861-1865.

It is very fitting since we are so close Thanksgiving, that we pause to give thanks for these brave men (and women too) who fought bravely, suffered, and gave up so much, for what they believed. Also, since we are on the cusp of celebrating the 150 anniversary of  The Great Struggle, let us never forget them.