On November 13, 2010, I wrote about Miss Budge, Daphne Simpkin’s fictional Southern lady who lives in Montgomery Alabama, in “Cloverdale”. In fact, Cloverdale is the title of Daphne’s latest book about this wonderful “church lady”  and her exploits, and I highly recommend it.

In my mind’s eye, I see Mildred Budge at the First White House, maybe even having a little adventure  there, meeting the great-great grandson of Jefferson Davis, Bert Hayes-Davis.  
There might be a mystery for Bert and Mildred  to solve together, such as who stole Jefferson Davis’s sword from the President’s bedroom, and  the money box in the front hall. It starts with  a  collision, because as Miss Budge comes in the front door, the man  knocks her down as he runs off with the goodies. Bert, who is in at the same time, sees it all, picks her up  and  they take off after the thief in Mildred’s red  corvette.
How about it, Daphne? A short story, or a novella, about this Confederate scenario? Readers, if you want Daphne to carry this forward, please  comment!!!