As we pause to give thanks for those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the defense of this great nation, I want to pay tribute to our military and to their families. How blessed this country is, that we have been spared much of what the rest of the world has undergone, because of the wisdom of our founding fathers and by the grace of Almighty God.
Even though the War Between the States was such a divisive and traumatic event, which caused over 620,000 American lives, the eventual outcome was that both north and south were able to come back together as one nation once again, and be stronger because of our trials. This has not happened in many countries around the world, where often there is still  bitter enmity between people groups, tribes, or nations.
A “Service of Remembrance for our nation’s fallen in all Wars” was held at Trinity Presbyterian Church last evening. It was meaningful and reverential; wreaths were laid and patriotic music was sung and performed; a sermon was delivered by Chaplain Paul B. Joyner titled “A Sacrifice for Freedom” based on John 8:31-36.
The Service ended with the anthem “Mansions of the Lord” by Nick Glennie-Smith/Randall Wallace. It was beautifully sung by the Trinity Men’s Quartet, and the words are worth repeating on a day such as today:
 “To fallen soldiers let us sing, Where no rockets fly nor bullets wing,
 Our broken brothers let us bring To the Mansions of the Lord.
No more bleeding, no more fight, No prayers pleading through the night,
Just divine embrace, eternal light In the Mansions of the Lord.
Where no mothers cry and no children weep, We will stand and guard though the angels sleep,
All through the ages safely keep The Mansions of the Lord.”