A friend recently sent me a copy of the photo of the “home of Jefferson Davis at Montgomery, Ala” that is in Mathew Brady’s Illustrated History book. My curiosity led me to order the book. The photos are very interesting, but it is most unfortunate that the book is written from the Northern viewpoint.
 Most of the photographs are of Union soldiers (unless they are dead – those are the ones of the Southerners). Someone told me that Lincoln did not want photos of dead Yankees  published, in order to keep up morale in the North.
 There are some paintings in the book by H. A. Ogden, of   battle scenes  in color and they are extraordinary,(copyright, 1912 by the War Memorial Association). The numerous photographs of war scenes in the book depict the horrors of the War…and now some women want permission to go into combat! Hello – they should look at this book and think twice.