Did you know the First White House was built by William Sayre, an ancestor of Zelda Sayre who married F. Scott Fitzgerald? Zelda and Scottie’s daughter Scottie gave a number of important pieces to the FWH.

Did you know that all items displayed in President Davis’ bedroom were given to the White House Association by Mrs. Davis? She drew a diagram telling the ladies exactly how she wanted the items displayed.

Did you know that Varina was the granddaughter of a New Jersey Governor and a cousin of Aaron Burr? This might be a “duh” moment, connections with Yankees, oh dear.

Did you know that the plan to save the First White House was begun by the United Daughters of the Confederacy in 1897? It was only after they let the project go that the White House Association was formed in 1900 for the purpose of saving the House.

Did you know that Mrs. Jefferson Davis was and remains Queen Regent in perpetuity? Her long time friend Mrs. Jesse Drew Beale was the first Regent of the White House Association.

More “little known facts” another time. Do you know any? Please comment!