I was trying to look at the First White House through the eyes of a tourist. One of the most beautiful rooms in the House is Mrs. Davis’s bedroom. In it is a beautiful pine wardrobe, made by slaves and used by the Davises at Beauvoir (where he retired after the War, in Biloxi, Miss).

The remaining furniture is similar to that used by mrs. Davis at Brierfield Plantation, where they lived prior to the War, in Warren county, Miss.

The beautiful mahongany tester bed came from The Tavern in Worhtington, Mass. General Lafayette slept in it the night of June 13, 1825, on his way to the dedication of the Bunker Hill Monument where he spoke. On the bed is a Cravat Crazy Quilt.  There is a mahogany desk with secret compatments. The secret compartments were necessary as banks were few and far between and people  needed a place to safely hide their valuables.

There is also a wig dresser in this room. so called because there were shelves to place the wigs.

At the foot of the bed is a slipper sofa, sometimes called a midwife sofa