Charles McIlvaine was the man God used in the life of Cadet Leonidas Polk, in a great movement of God at the US Military Academy. Here is what happened.
Polk, troubled with a problem of forgiveness, found a tract in a drawer and upon reading it,  came to visit the Chaplain. McIlvaine said ” I have never conversed with one thus seeking the way of life in whom the feeling of his need of light and grace, the sense of all spiritual necessity was deeper, or in whom the single anxiety to get to Christ and be His was more thoroughly absorbing.”
Polk prayed with the Chaplain, and peace came to his troubled heart at last. He was the first cadet to ever take a public stand as a follower of Christ.
And we know “the rest of the story”, how Polk became a Bishop and later served as a Confederate General, beloved by his men, who fought at Shiloh, Stones River, Chickamauga, and was killed in the Atlanta Campaign.