Yesterday we spoke about the Crazy Quilt that is on “The LaFayette Bed” in Mrs. Davis’s bedroom at the First White House.

Today as promised I want to tell you about the bed. It is reported that it was slept in by Gen. LaFayette at a place called the Tavern in Worthington, Mass., on 13th June, 1825. Gen. LaFayette, then on his triumphant return tour of the United States was en route from Albany New York to Boston, Mass. where he was to dedicate the Bunker Hill Monument.

The bed was purchased by Mr. Arthur Cook of Montgomery who gave it to the First White House, and it was accompanied by affidavits attesting as to its historic authenticity. Our appraiser however believes that it is later than LaFayette’s visit in 1825. It may have come from the bedroom which LaFayette occupied, but this being the bed in which he slept is doubtful. Another unsolved mystery!!!