Facts the Historians Leave Out: A Youth’s Confederate Primer
I bought John Tilley’s book “Facts The Historians Leave Out – A Youth’s Confederate primer” on Amazon.  He reminds us that from the beginning the North was not congenial with the South. The South was pretty much wholly agricultural, the North, commercial. New England was Congregational, Virginia, mostly Anglican, Pennsylvania, Quaker, Maryland, Roman Catholic and so on.
Other antagonisms developed. New England offended those in Dixie with snobbish airs of superiority. Colonies imposed tariffs upon goods from other colonies, and later Congress enacted a “protective tariff” which enriched the North at the expense of the South.
Abolitionists took pains to incite Southern slaves to rise against their masters, etc. etc. The South became alarmed and recalled Lincoln’s pronouncement that “any people, anywhere” had the right to “shake off the existing government”.
Henry Cabot Lodge, a New England Brahmin said that as of the date of the adoption of the Constitution, it was universally regarded as an experiment, entered upon by the States and from which any State “had the right peaceably to withdraw.”
Buy this little book and read it. It will open your eyes to  things you may not have thought about before.