Since today is Sunday, The “Lord’s Day”, it seems appropriate to write something about Jefferson Davis and his Christian convictions. I read an article on the Internet about him by Michael T. Griffith, that spoke about the depth of  his religious faith.
Griffith said Davis grew up studying the Bible, and that he often quoted from it. We know from other things we have read, that Davis attended church regularly. While the family was in Montgomery, they worshiped at St. John’s Episcopal Church, a few blocks from the First White House. You can still sit in the “Jefferson Davis pew” today.
He and his pastor in Richmond, Rev. Charles Minnigerode, were very close friends. Griffith says in his article that Minnigerode “who knew more of Davis’s ‘inner life’ than perhaps any other man, said Davis was ‘always pure’ and that his ‘whole being’ loathed ‘impure thought’ or ‘anything low or corrupting’.”
When I read about  him, I think of how he was tried in the crucible of War, and came out as fine gold. I just know from reading about his life, that this was a godly man of prayer, and that the Lord sustained him through all his many trials. What a wonderful thought that we will meet him in Heaven and really get to know him! What a privilege that will be.