On “Times Gone By” a History of Montgomery, Alabama, on face book, there is an interesting article from the 1937  Advertiser: Mark Young Give To Fund For Jefferson Davis Statue”
 I quote from the article: “Mr. Young recalled yesterday that on two of Jefferson Davis’s visits to Montgomery he was paraded up Dexter Avenue in a carriage drawn by four beautiful white horses.But when he returned as a corpse they used four black horses to bear the body to the capitol. In that procession Mr. Young marched beside the bier and near the depot he cut some of the fringe from the cover to keep as a sacred possession.”
It goes on to say: “Rebuked by a guard or officer, his heart was gladdened a moment later when Miss Winnie Davis, daughter of the beloved president, assured him he had done no wrong, and that her father had loved everybody in Montgomery”.
The photograph of the bier being carried up Dexter Avenue (then Market Street) is on our website. To view, just go to www.firstwhitehouse.org and at the home page click on Jefferson Davis tab and then under that, Jefferson Davis’s Death. It is a fine tribute to a most worthy gentleman, our beloved President of the Confederate States of America!