Today was a very exciting day at the First White House of the Confederacy in downtown Montgomery, Alabama as hordes of visitors toured our House Museum, in which Jefferson Davis and his family resided in the spring of 1861, because today was the Sesquicentennial of the day he was inaugurated on the front portico of the Alabama State Capitol  on February 18, 1861.

 Because of this, there is lots going on this whole weekend. At noon today in “Old Alabama Town,” well-known historian Mary Ann Neely gave a fascinating presentation on Jefferson Davis and the days that led up to the Inauguration, as well as the people involved.

At 1:00 at the First White House Tyrone Crowley and his wife arrived. Tomorrow he is portraying Jefferson Davis and will be taking the oath of office and will then give the speech Jefferson Davis delivered. Mr. Crowley, as a dress rehearsal gave the speech to us at the FWH. We were thrilled with his presentation and delivery. He will make a wonderful and forceful Jefferson Davis tomorrow at the Capitol.

In addition there will be a parade up Dexter Avenue to the Capitol and lots of SCV folks in period costumes. It will be a day to remember. The First White House will be open for visitors all day too, and we invite all to come.