We recently had guests visiting the First White House of the Confederacy from Montreal, Canada who were surprised to find out that Jefferson Davis had spent time in Canada after the War. When they returned home they sent an interesting email as follows:
“…You (our Docent, Henry Howard),  told about Davis’s stay in Montreal and about his commemorative plaque at Philips Square. Since we live in the Montreal area, we promised you a picture of it” (which they sent)
They went on to say, “The text on the plaque is in French and translates as follows: ‘In memory of Jefferson Davis President of the Confederate States who stayed in 1867 in the home of John Levell then situated at the present location. Plaque erected in 1957 by the United Daughters of the Confederacy Society.’ “
Phillips Square is a well-known landmark in downtown Montreal. Don’t you wish you knew more about Davis’s stay in Canada? One thing we do know is that he sold or swapped his fine pocket watch for a pair of boots while there.
Our friends, the Berrys,  own the watch and were generous to lend it to the First White House for several years. Does anyone else out there know about the Canada years? We would like to hear more.