A dear friend from the Second White House in Richmond has sent a copy of Jefferson Davis’ first letter to Varina after arriving in Montgomery.
He tells her about his Inauguration. He says: “the audience was large and brilliant upon my weary heart was showered miles, plaudits and flowers, but beyond them I saw troubles and thorns innumerable.”
He goes on to say “We are without machinery without means and threatened by powerful opposition but I do not despond and will not shrink back from the task imposed upon me”. He spoke correctly, didn’t he?
About Montgomery he says: “this is a gay and handsome town of some 8000 inhabitants and will not be an unpleasant residence – As soon as an hour is my own I will look for a house and write to you more fully”.
 Well, we know the Confederate Government found him a house! It is our wonderful First White House, and we are so glad that it is still with us for visitors from all over the world to enjoy.