In my bookcase is a  three volume biography of Jefferson Davis by Hudson Strode. The first in the series is Jefferson Davis, American Patriot, 1808-1861. It tells of the years before what Strode calls “the Great Conflict”.
The second book is Confederate President, covering the 1861-1864 period. Reading it, we will ride the seesaw of military fortunes with President Davis, and participate in the great battles of the War.
 The third volume, Tragic Hero, 1864-1889, takes us through the last twenty-five years of his life.It deals with the end of the war, through his years in prison, and his struggle to support his family.
Strode also selected and edited a book on Jefferson Davis, entitled Private Letters, 1823-1889. This too should make fascinating reading,
We have some of President Davis’s letters and Varina’s and Margaret’s (oldest daughter), in the First White House. Copies of these are on display in our Relic Room.