The following is from my childhood friend Richard. I am reprinting it as he wrote it for your information:
Richard says “The NY TIMES of the period reported that Davis was captured in women ‘clothes but I would give that report no more merit than the report that the Housatonic was sunk by small David boats of the CSA Navy instead of a submarine. There is a fog in war, and of course, both these reports were incorrect. And I still think the NY TIMES does not report correctly on all the facts.
Bonnie Prince Charlie led the clans on their fight against the Brits, the last real scoots rebellion, they got as far down into England as Darby, but then were chased back to Scotland and at Culloden in the north of Scotland were defeated by a bigger and heavy armed force of Brits and Mercenaries.

The rebel yell is a direct descendant of the battle cry of the Celts, even the Romans, as well as Yankees, reported on how scary it was.

But Charlie escaped, was rowed to Skye by Flora McDonald, she then immigrated to the US and became a heroine of our revolution. Charlie was the last of the Stewarts to challenge the throne. They called him Bonnie Prince Charlie. His pictures show kind of an effeminate looking person but the clans loved him. In truth, he did escape in women’s clothes.

Of course, when the Brits won, they cleared the Highlands of the clans “clan removal” and that’s why so many of our ancestors landed in NC which I think reminded them of their highlands, though in fact they look totally different. But my great great grandfather Joshua Ramsay ended up there because of the clan clearance, became a great moonshine maker and his great grandchild fought in the 11th NC for the south.”

Thank you Richard for this excellent article. My ancestors on my father’s side came from Scotland as well. I have gone with the Henry family (the name then was Hendry) to the Isle of Aaran off the coast of Scotland to see “from whence the rock was hewn”. My great grandfather Robert F. Henry left the University of Alabama to fight for the Confederacy. He is the one, I have mentioned before, that received his diploma nunc pro tunc, Latin meaning “now for then”. I actually have a copy of it.