Hudson Strode, in his biography of Jefferson Davis wrote these words: “And Mr. Davis’s private life, filled with family sorrows, personal distress and disappointment at every turn, offers a stellar example of the finest national qualities for future generations of Americans to emulate”.
Jefferson Davis was a “President without precedent”, Professor Strode said. He formed a brand-new nation in the cauldron of a terrible war. General Fitzhugh Lee declared in 1890  “Jefferson Davis was one of the greatest men this republic has ever produced…He stood steady in his firm belief in the construction and doctrines of the Government, though the very ‘lightning scorched the ground beneath his feet’…The Southern people loved him. They are prepared to protect and guard his memory from the fierce future winds of prejudice.”
I am glad in this day on non-heroes, that we still have someone like Jefferson Davis to look up to. His duty was thrust upon him, and he accepted it without complaint. Someone said recently, the victors get to rewrite history. Maybe that is why Jefferson Davis has not been appreciated as he should have.  been. Nonetheless, as Strode said,  “his place in history, as the first and only President of the Confederate States of America is unique”, and his character unquestionable.