I have noticed that people that read our blog (may your tribe increase!) seem to enjoy reading, most of all, about Confederate President Jefferson Davis, so today I thought I would mention a few of the items that belonged to him, which we have at the First White House of the Confederacy in Montgomery.

The items in the President’s bedroom, with minor exceptions, all belonged to him and were donated to the White House Association by Mrs. Davis and arranged according to a diagram she made. A museum case has been placed int he center of the room to hold certain of his personal possessions, including  slippers, collar box, with his collar & suspenders, spittoon, leather valise, top hat box, and fabric case holding walking sticks. (He used these after he had been wounded in the Mexican War).

The focal point of the room as you might imagine is an unusual four-poster/tester bed with spool/button turned parts. The bed is exceptionally wide and tall, reportedly custom made for the president.  It is 6/3″ long and 5’8″ wide. Remember, he was at least 6′, very tall for “the day”.

 In the corner, by the bed is a  bentwood rocking chair, which had been in his bedroom at Beauvoir. Other items of interest are a lead glass water carafe, a copy of the New Testament, and a carved slipper case, said to have been made by an American Indian Chief, when the President was serving on the Wisconsin frontier in his youth.

Another handsome piece is a mahogany chest of drawers in the American Empire style, also used by the President at Beauvoir. Above the mantle is a framed photograph of President Davis, the last taken before his death. It appears to be in the original frame.  This portrait was widely circulated after his death. Another copy is in the collection of the Alabama Judicial Department.

Wouldn’t you like to spend the night in this room, sleeping in his bed?