In our blog of 10/4/10 that we told you that we would be entertaining the delegates of the Alabama Preservation Conference on the evening of October 7, from 5:15 – 6:15.

That was last night of course and I am happy to report  it seemed to be a tremendous success! We had 51 people sign the guest book, but more than that came by. These ladies and gentlemen were from all over the State and they were interested in and knew about decorative arts, antique furniture and history and were at the beginning of a full weekend of seminars and events. 

A dozen of our White House Association members were on hand to  “man”  their room (all members are  assigned rooms). As the guests came by, our ladies skillfully told  about some of the most important things in her room. 

One of our group stood on the front porch and warmly greeted every visitor, offered refreshments aand invited them in. Two of our member-husbands cordially served the refreshments.

I want to thank each and every member who was able to come, and especially our Association member Gale Main who arranged for the FWH to be on the Convention schedule. It was a tremendous PR event for us! And we appreciate each delegate that took the time to attend.

You would be very proud of the First White House and how beautiful and impressive it appeared. It reminded us of  what we have read about  Varina Davis having “levees” (teas) in the House.  She would doubtless have been very proud of the House and of the White House ladies last night!!! And of course very impressed with the guests. as well.