jeffersondavisbust250June 3, 1808
Born at Fairview, Kentucky. Moved to Woodville, Mississippi when a small child. Educated at Jefferson College, Washington, Mississippi, near Natchez, and at Transylvania College, Lexington, Kentucky.

Appointed to the United States Military Academy at West Point from Mississippi.

Graduated from USMA at the age of twenty. U.S. Army officer in Wisconsin and Arkansas Territories. Black Hawk War.

June 17, 1835
Married Sara Knox Taylor, daughter of General Zachary Taylor. Resigned from U.S. Army to become a planter.

September 17, 1835
Mrs. Davis died of malarial fever at Locust Grove Plantation, West Feliciana Parish, Louisiana.

February 26, 1845
Married Varina Anne Banks Howell of Natchez at The Briars. Settled on their plantation, Brierfield, on Davis Bend.

November, 1845
Elected as a Member of Congress, U.S. House of Representatives from Mississippi.

July 21, 1846 – December 6, 1847
As Colonel of Mississippi Volunteers, he commanded the First Mississippi Regiment at the Battles of Monterey and Beuna Vista and was hailed as a war hero in the Mexican War. Elected to the U.S. Senate from Mississippi.

1853 – 1857
Appointed Secretary of War by President Franklin Pierce. Considered by some historians as the best to hold that office.

Again elected to the U.S. Senate from Mississippi.

inauguration-day-1861January 21, 1861
Resigned his seat after Mississippi seceded from the Union.

January 25, 1861
Commissioned Major General of Mississippi troops by Governor John J. Pettus.

February 9, 1861
Elected President of the Confederate States of America provisional government.

February 18, 1861
Inaugurated President of the Confederate States of America at Montgomery, Alabama, the first capital of the Confederate States.

November 6, 1861
Elected by the people to a six year term as President of the Confederate States of America.

February 22, 1862
Inaugurated first Permanent President of the Confederate States of America at Richmond, Virginia, the permanent capital of the C.S.A.

May 10, 1865
Captured at Irwinville, Georgia by the Fourth Michigan Cavalry. Accused of planning the assassination of President Lincoln. He was never brought to trial.

May 22, 1865
Imprisoned at Fortress Monroe, Virginia. Shackled in irons and treated harshly.

May 13, 1867
Released from Fortress Monroe prison on a $100,000 bail bond signed by twenty prominent men, among them Horace Greeley, Cornelius Vanderbilt, and Augustus Schell, each posting $5,000.

1867 – 1877
Visited Canada, England, Wales, Scotland and continental Europe. Lived in Memphis, Tennessee.

February, 1877
Moved to Beauvoir where he wrote The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government. Purchased Beauvoir and spent the last twelve years of his life on the estate.

December 6, 1889
Died in New Orleans, Louisiana.

December 11, 1889
Temporary burial, Metairie Cemetery, New Orleans, following the largest funeral procession ever held in the South.

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May 31, 1893
Final burial, Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia.


October 17, 1978
President Carter signed bill to restore citizenship to Jefferson Davis which passed the U.S. Congress without a dissenting vote.