Did you know that the First White House of Montgomery which stands at the corner of Union (can you believe Union street?) and Washington Ave. across from the Alabama State Capitol was moved in 1921 to its present location?

That’s correct – when the President and his family (President Jefferson Davis that is), lived in the House it was downtown near the river on the corner of Lee and Bibb streets. Under the auspices of the White House Association of Alabama, founded July 1, 1900 to preserve the House, and with the help of Governor Thomas Kilby and a $25,000 Alabama legislative appropriation, the House was moved to its present location, June 3, 1921 (Jefferson Davis’s birthday).

Aren’t we glad it was? Otherwise, like so many grand and glorious houses, it too may have been torn down.Since that day the House has been open to the public, free of charge. Come and join the many hundreds of visitors that come each and every day, or if not, then visit our website www.firstwhitehouse.org.

Moving it was no small feat. The house is 6,000 square feet and two stories, but it made the move just fine. Stopped traffic for a while though as it was rolled up the 12 blocks or so on logs, taken apart in several pieces. Bet that was a sight to behold!