Look for clues that tell you about the First White House and what is in it.

Happy searching!



First Parlor

This room is called the First Parlor.

  • What do we call this room in our houses today?
  • Why is the piano in the parlor so important? Is the candelabra on the piano just to look pretty or is it there for some other reason?
  • How does this relate to the oil burning chandelier?


Entrance Hall

  • Who is the man in the portrait over the sofa in the entrance picture hall?
  • Why is he important in our history?
  • Why did he live here?
  • Why are there no snapshots of family member in the house?


 The President’s Bedroom

All articles in this room belonged to President Davis.

  • Which is your favorite and why?
  • Can you make up a story about Pres. Davis using one of these items?


The President’s Study

Many important decisions were made in this room by President Davis and his Cabinet.

  • Can you name at least 3 different pieces of furniture in this room?
  • What is in the bookcase on the right? (Hint, not books!)


 The Rear Hall

  • Who are the children in the large painting over the sideboard?
  • What makes them look different from children today?
  • What do you think has happened to the woman in the painting over the sofa?
  • Could you make up a story about her? What would you say?


The Second Parlor

  • What book is on the table in the middle of the room?
  • What happened to this book during the War Between the states?
  • What is important about the chair bearing the placard?
  • Why do you think President Davis was arrested and put in Prison?



Second Floor Hall

  • What is the name of the quilt that hangs on the wall over the sofa in the upstairs hall? Why is it called by that name?
  • Would you have tried to buy it if you had a chance during the war? Why or why not?



Relic Room

  • Why do we call the room that you can go in, the relic room? What is a relic?
  • What is your favorite thing in that room?
  • Why do we value these things?
  • Tell about the flags in the relic room? Does one of these fly outside on a flagpole? Do you know the name of it? What did this flag represent?


The Nursery

  • Can you guess which two items were in this room when the Davis children lived here?
  • The baby quilt on the wall is a “companion” to what else in the house?
  • Do you want to guess how many of the Davis children married and had children of their own?


Mrs. Davis’s “New York Bedroom”

  • Why is this room called the New York Bedroom?
  • The piece of furniture on the right is not what it looks like? Can you guess what it is? Hint – it was very useful when company came and they needed a place to sleep.
  • There is a set of china on the center table. What did Mrs. Davis serve her guests using these pieces of china?


  • Guess which room?
  • In which room do you find the reproduction of an 1864 ‘Godey Dress?’
  • Where will you find President Davis’s “smoking jacket” and coat?
  • Where is the picture of Robert E. Lee?
  • What is the second guest bedroom on the left known as, and why?