Many of you know that the First White House of the Confederacy was moved to its present location in 1921. When Jefferson Davis and his family lived in the House it was in the downtown area, near the river, at the corner of Lee and Bibb streets. A skateboard park is on that corner today. It is one block west of the Renaissance hotel and Wentzell’s restaurant. (The Confederate Government building stood where those buildings are).

The White House Association is pleased to announce that a marker has been placed at that site. It reads as follows:

 On this site stood  The First White House of the Confederacy.
      William Sayre built his townhouse here between 1832 and 1835. On February 21, 1861 the Provisional Confederate Congress leased it for the Executive Residence. President Jefferson Davis and his family lived here before the CSA capitol moved to Richmond.
      The White House Association of Alabama saved the house, moved it next to the Capitol, restored it, dedicated it as a museum, and gave it to the people of the State of Alabama on June 3, 1921.