Jefferson Davis was a hero, but maybe more so after the War, than during it, as is so often the case. In his later years, crowds thronged to see and hear him, and as you know, his funeral was reported to be the largest the south had ever known.

Robert E. Lee is the consummate hero. It was fortunate for the Confederacy that when Virginia seceded, Lee came with Her. He was a man of honor with great faith in God. Lee passed through the War without a wound, yet his health was shattered and he suffered many personal tragedies.

During the War his daughter-in-law, his two grandchildren and one daughter all died. His son Rooney was wounded and captured. His wife’s home at Arlington was confiscated and the grounds were made a Union cemetery. His son Rooney’s home was burned to the ground. But Lee was left with his honor.

Stonewall Jackson suffered personal tragedy as well, and then of course lost his life during the War, as did Albert Sidney Johnston, and scores of other able and capable men. They were all called on to pay a great price, and some the ultimate price. We are proud of them and honor them today in our hearts.