A dear cousin shared a story using the Bible verse “Vengeance is Mine, says the Lord” from Romans 12:9. Why do I share this? Because it involves the vengeance of the North and the way  my cousin was able, inadvertently to “repay” on behalf of our beleaguered and beloved South land.
During reconstruction days, which we might call “deconstruction”, the North laid a heavy penalty upon the South by huge railroad taxes. For 100+ years they kept us in poverty because of it. Then Eisenhower came into office, and having seen the autobahn highway system in Germany, he began the U.S. Interstate highway system. This in turn, brought in the era of delivering freight by trucks instead of rail.
The only thing left to ship by rail was pulp wood, but my cousin figured out that the mighty southern pine was just the right size to ship in a truck. Since “Buddy” was the publisher of “Pulp Wood magazine”  he put a picture on the cover  showing how neatly and economically, the section of pine fit  into the truck for shipping.
 Ultimately this meant the total collapse of the railroad freight business; thus his and my great-grandfather, Confederate veteran John Luther Branch, was vindicated after almost 150 years of unfair taxes. and regulations. And to think, the Lord used cousin Buddy to make it happen!