If you have children or grandchildren, please encourage them to read our blog every day for interesting and informative history about Jefferson Davis, the Confederacy, The War and the First White House. If you are interested in any or all of these subjects, we hope you will become a regular reader and share the news with others so that our readership will continue to increase.

If you plan a trip to Montgomery or live here, we would love for you to visit individually,or as a group. If 10 or more, we ask that you schedule in advance a  tour of the First White House.Our phone # for reservations is 334-242-1861. You might think of doing this for your book or study club, patriotic group, school, church or other affinity group. And please remember it is free! You can stay as long as you like and our hours are 8:00 – 4:30 daily, Monday-Friday, except for State Holidays when we are closed.

 Recently we have had tours not only from public and private schools but also home school students. There are many eating places nearby too (see our website at http://www.firstwhitehouse.org/ for these, and for other sites to visit.)

We had over 50 visitors today (one or two at a time) and they were absolutely “enchanted”. We had a biker come in and he said he had visited many places like the First White House but had not enjoyed any of them as much as he did his visit to the FWH. That was very gratifying. We can thank former Regent, Cameron Napier for most of what has gone on “behind the scenes” as she for over 29 years assembled our artifacts and collection.

We can also thank our Receptionists Lynn Burk and Evelyn England who greet everyone so warmly and makes all our visitors feel special and “at home”. This is what we are all about at the FWH!!! Please come and visit. And do share our website, our blog and our facebook whenever you can.