The First White House of the Confederacy in Montgomery, the home of Jefferson Davis and his family in the spring of 1861, was built in 1832, making it 182 years old. Like any “old lady” she is very high maintenance.
Fortunately for all, the State of Alabama was given the building by the White House Association of Alabama, formed in 1900 to “save” the House, which had become greatly endangered as commercial property had encroached upon it in its location near the river in downtown Montgomery.
In 1921 the Association had raised the necessary funds along with a grant by a “benevolent” Governor and the House was purchased, moved, restored and reopened on Jefferson Davis’s birthday, June 3, 1921 and given to the people of Alabama. Acts of the Alabama State Legislature ensured that the building would be properly maintained, and that the Association would continue to take care of the Relics in the House.
So an update: In 2009 the House was painted on the outside. At that time the yard was landscaped and a sprinkler system for the new grass installed. In 2013 the House was pressure washed, in order to enhance the Paint job. This Spring, the flat roof on the back of the House was re-roofed, and at present, the inside ceiling in the President’s Study is being repaired. Doing this has meant moving all furniture, mirror, chandelier and everything out of the room, into other rooms and the back Hall.
When this work is completed it is hoped that the ceilings upstairs in several of the rooms will be re-plastered as this is badly needed. Again, our thanks  to Mr. Wayne Hoyt, Director of Capitol Services, and to Mr. Sean Cassidy, Director of the Division of Services for the State for their untiring and generous assistance. We are deeply indebted to them.