Don’t you love unsolved mysteries?  I mentioned in my last blog about the mystery as to whether LaFayette really slept in the bed later acquired by a Mr. Arthur Cook and donated to the First White House.

The Hunley submarine provides a mystery for sure. The Hunley was built in Mobile Alabama and then shipped to Charleston, SC. It was the Confederacy’s secret weapon, and the first submarine to sink an enemy warship.

The Confederacy lost 21 crewmen in three sinkings of the Hunley in her short career. It was lost under the sea for 130 years. In 2000 the wreck was successfully recovered. Inside were the remains of her doomed third crew.

On April 17, 2004 the DNA-identified remains of the eight Hunley crew were interred in Charleston magnolia Cemetery with full military honors. But the mystery remains – what sank the Hunley?

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