This may come as a shock to some but there was no electricity in homes in 1861 when the Davis family lived in the First White House. They did have Gasoliers however, and we have not only one, but a matching pair of Rococo Revival Gasoliers of Gilt Brass, circa 1850-60’s, thanks to the generosity of a very special Montgomery lady. She has donated it in memory of her husband.
Though the history is lost, this wonderful pair could have been from any number of great Montgomery houses, all now gone. Originally they were in rooms with ceilings of about 14 – 16 feet tall. They each have five branches. The arms and central standard are ornamented with curled leafage of a type similar to oak leaves. the upper portion of the standard is hung with long narrow leaves, perhaps intended to be laurel leaves.
If they could talk, what stories they would tell…It will be such fun to have them both finished alike and conserved and returned to hang in our First and Second parlors.