Every month the Archives and History Dept sponsors an event they call “architreats” and these are posted on their website as well. Yesterday Robert B. Bradly spoke about the War Between the States.

He is a fascinating speaker, so knowledgeable and has a great sense of humor. He reminded the audience that both Fort Sumter in Charleston and Fort Pickens out of Pensacola were taken by the Yankees at the start of the War.

Fort Sumter soon fell to the South, but even the indomitable Confederates were unable to take Fort Pickens. The difference these two Forts made in the war effort? Fort Sumter – 0 because it was not strategically advantageous for the Confederacy. But Fort Pickens – Huge, because this opened up the way for the North to take New Orleans and eventually the Miss. river and we know what that meant.
Boo – Hiss. It always ends badly!