A Happy July 4th to everyone! I hope you are “grilling” or doing other fun things today as we celebrate the birth of our nation, still one nation under God, even though folks like the ACLU would like to remove Him from our great Country. After all, He is the reason our Country is great.

Our brave Southern forefathers also fought for what they believed was right, the right to leave the nation as they wished to do. In creating their new nation, the Confederates essentially duplicated the institutions of the old Union. The Great Seal of the Confederacy has George Washington in the center. They believed fervently that it was they who were perpetuating the ideals of their revolutionary forebear, as Cameron Napier states in our First White House of the Confederacy booklet.

It took four years of bloody conflict and the loss of over 600,000 lives for the North to subdue the South. Jefferson Davis was imprisoned but never brought to trial, as feared it would be proved by the Constitution that the Southern States had a right to secede.Nevertheless, we give thanks for the United States of America. Obviously God wanted us to remain one nation and that is what we celebrate today on this, the birthday of our Country..