Good morning,
A friend I went to High School with, who now lives in MD, Dr. Jack Kushner, visited the First White House recently. Soon after that he returned to Montgomery again for the 100th anniversary of Lanier High School where we saw each other.

 Jack has written a book, and it sounds intriguing: When Universities are Destroyed.:How Tulane University and the University of Alabama Rebuilt after Disaster. 

When Hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans and Tulane University, Jack says, the movers and shakers at Tulane looked around for a road map to assist them in the process of rebuilding. The University of Alabama came to mind, as this great institution was also destroyed, not by a hurricane, but by a military attack and fire during the Civil War.

 I for one am looking forward very much to ordering this book  since it has to do with one of my favorite subjects “The War”. Also, all of us have lived through the horrors of Katrina, if not personally, then at least through the media; having much empathy for those who have suffered, this  should be a most rewarding read..

Another reason I want to read this book is that my Great-grandfather was at the U of AL when The War came and he left the University to fight for the Confederacy. Much later he was awarded his degree   nunc pro tunc. I have a copy of it.

Jack has written a second book not yet published, “Courageous Judicial Decisions in Alabama”. Let us know please Jack, when this one is in print!!!