The Alabama Department of Tourism and Travel has just published a beautiful new brochure just in time for the 150th Anniversary Celebration entitled “Alabama Civil War Trail.” On October 11 the blog was about the Alabama Civil War Trail using the “old brochure.”

This new brochure is beautifully laid out, in color with lots of intriguing pictures, and on one side it list 47 sites to visit. On the reverse side it has a map of the sites as well as information about Alabama battles, a piece on the historic flags of the Confederacy and a list of Alabama’s Reenactment events. It is bound to make folks want to take a tour of these numerous sites. I know I want to visit them all!!!

It also gives the history of the formation of the Confederacy in Montgomery, Alabama. Did you know that the telegram giving permission to fire on Fort Sumter was sent from the Winter Building on Dexter Avenue in Montgomery? This order was carried out early the next morning on April 12, 1861.

If you come by the First White House you can pick up one of these brochures, or if you are not going to be in Montgomery and want one, just call me at 334-315-7266 and I will mail one to you. You can also look at, go to “attractions” and see much of it there.

Oh, did I almost fail to mention that the First White House is on the front cover? (or the back cover depending on which way you hold the brochure)  And guess who is on the opposite side in full uniform, brandishing his sword on on his horse???? Commander Bill Rambo, Director of the Confederate Memorial Park and Museum in Marbury Alabama. he looks very “dashing” – almost like Rhett Butler in Gone With The Wind (still my all time favorite movie)