Any day now we will be moving things in the President’s Study because they are going to re-roof the flat roof above it. With all the banging around, we need to make sure our large ormolu gasolier is protected and the over mantle gilt mirror, as well as the large pieces of furniture, just in case some plaster from the ceiling might fall.

The “library committee” is meeting at the “Jefferson Davis House,” as it is sometimes called,  tomorrow to pack up the books and other items which must be protected. It is an exciting time for us, although I hate for things to be in disarray, but we have no choice about that. We really need that roof fixed, as you can imagine if you have a home that is suspect to water leaks (eek). I would almost rather see a mouse than a water spot on the ceiling.

We will keep you posted on our progress. It is turning out to be an interesting project with lots of small challenges.