I recently read an article that was in the Montgomery Advertiser, Feb. 19, 1961 reprinted by the Sons of the Confederate Veterans “News From the Cradle”, George Gayle, Editor, about General Joe Wheeler.

In one of the many battles he fought, Wheeler dashed between two federal armies, defeating one, destroying 1200 loaded wagons, killing 4000 mules and blowing up 300 ammunition wagons. He was known as the master of retreat and master of attack.

He was born in Augusta but at an early age he was sent to live with an uncle in Connecticut. At the age of 18 he was appointed to West Point by a New York congressman. He finished the five year course in 1859. When Georgia seceded from the Union, Wheeler resigned his federal commission and
returned to Georgia and joined the Confederacy. He had lived all but the first five years of his life in the North.

During the course of the war he was wounded three times and had 18 horses shot under him.After the war he served in Congress until he resigned to fight in the Spanish American War where he was acclaimed a national hero. He later served in the Philippines under General MacArthur. He is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.