a blog reader Lynda Taylor of Troy Alabama writes:
“…with the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War coming up in January, it is a great thing that you are bringing our history into the 21st century with a blog. Neat!
Read “Bride of Fortune” by Harnett Kane based on the life of Varina Howell Davis, 1948 copyright. It was a good read and different viewpoint to events we are very familiar with. Found the book in the gift shop at the Davis monument in Kentucky –  erected by Confederate soldiers.”

 (Note: I believe “Bride of Fortune”  is out of print.)

 And in response to Thursday’s blog about the book he has written, “When Universities are Destroyed
the author, Dr. Jack Kushner of Annapolis Maryland writes “It is a very short book, but some of the best sellers have been short: for example “The Last Lecture“. It is the story that counts, not the number of pages.”

 Good observation Jack and thanks for the comments. I believe others can comment directly on the blog now. Please do so. Stay safe and strong this weekend dear readers.